The Magic Tree House fiction adventures allow you and your students to step into a world of adventure. From Renaissance Italy to American Civil War times to the moon, protagonists Jack and Annie make history and science fun by taking readers right there!

The companion Magic Tree House Fact Trackers give your students the facts behind the fiction by providing easy-to-digest information about the times, places, and cultures Jack and Annie visit in the beloved Magic Tree House fiction adventures. The Fact Trackers amplify the exciting subjects and include fun facts, photos, illustrations, definitions, and much more!

The Magic Tree House adventures and Fact Trackers are the perfect vehicle for exploring the fiction-nonfiction connection. It is essential for students to use fiction and nonfictions texts in tandem to illustrate that facts can support stories and stories can breathe life into facts.

Educators have trusted the Magic Tree House series for more than 25 years! They rely on these books to spark students’ imaginations with unlimited curriculum hooks, to meet standards and raise reading scores, and to foster a lifelong love of reading and research.