In celebration of Hurricane Heroes in Texas, we first launched a search for hometown heroes across the country. We had so many amazing entries with so many amazing kids that we want to highlight a new kid hero on a regular basis!

Our featured hero is Carter Blauser from Marion, Ohio. Carter was nominated by his mother, Nicole Paul, in a heartwarming essay about how Carter loves taking care of his community!

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Carter’s Story

My son is a hometown hero as he is always engaged in what is going on around him. He sees a piece of trash and he picks it up, no matter where we are. He sees our elderly neighbors out mowing in the heat or needing help with their trash and he goes to help. He is a mighty little nine-year-old with a heart of pure gold. He leaves out water for the mail carrier and the trash collectors each day so that they have something cold to drink when it is super hot out.

He started helping in the community when he was about four. He noticed a lot of trash at the park where he played T-ball. He would ask, “Momma, can we pick up that trash?” and I would oblige as I was happy to do anything that he wanted to do. That led to cleaning up the ballparks each year after winter so they could be used each summer.

The people who run the ballpark are volunteers who also have families and jobs, so by helping to clean the field, Carter gives them more time to spend with their families. Every time we are out picking up trash either in the cemetery, the local veterans park, or our neighborhood, he brings smiles to complete strangers’ faces. The mail carrier and the trash collectors tell him the water he gives them is the best part of their day.

We joined Cub Scouts on October 3, 2017. Since then, Carter’s community service efforts have skyrocketed as he has learned that there are more ways to help in the community besides just picking up trash at the ball field.

His community service has helped create a positive example, showing that no matter how small you are, you can always help. He was featured on the local police department’s Facebook page in the winter of 2016 for clearing snow and salting the sidewalks one morning—he got lots of praise for helping when he could have been sleeping.

My son is constantly attempting to get others to join him in his efforts to make the community a little brighter and to help brighten someone else’s day, even if it is just with a friendly smile. He sure has inspired me to be a better person and to help more in the community. Together we have cleaned up the city ballpark for the last three years, helped mow and take trash out for our elderly neighbors, shoveled and salted sidewalks for those who can’t, cleaned up the local cemetery, volunteered at a nature fair, cleaned up sticks and trash at the veterans park, and volunteered at the Independence Day ceremonies at the veterans park, passing out programs and water on a very hot day.

My son Carter is my hero.

Hometown Hero Carter Blauser