In celebration of the newest Magic Tree House book, Hurricane Heroes in Texas, we launched a search for hometown heroes across the country. We had so many amazing entries that we want to highlight a new hero every month!

Our third runner-up is Priscilla Nix! She is from Aransas Pass, Texas and her mom Annie Murrow nominated her with a beautiful essay outlining her work with the ASPCA after her family lost their house due to damage sustained during hurricane Harvey.

Priscilla’s Story

My hometown hero is my daughter Priscilla Nix. She is nine years old. Last August 27th we were in her room as Horrible Harvey tore off the roof her ceiling and collapsed two walls. She lost everything including her dirty clothes. She was sad, but she did not let that loss stop her from the things she loved to do: make jewelry and take care of animals. She lost all of her outside animals like chickens, rabbits, goats and a milk cow. She felt the loss. But immediately asked me about the animals at our newly built ASPCA.

Priscilla has donated a part of whatever money she gets to that shelter since before it was built. I told her I really did not know. We did not have phone service, internet or electricity for several weeks. She sat and pondered my answer for a bit and then I noticed she has gotten out some earring making things a neighbor had given her after the storm. These were the only craft or activity items she had at the time and we were stuck at home no stores were open, in a house with the roof gone, the ceiling gone and walls collapsed. Priscilla started making earrings.

After two days of creating some very pretty jewelry. She took her chair in the yard a few feet from the street. The neighbors would walk down to our yard hoping for phone signals. As each person came up she would talk to them a minute. In about two hours Priscilla came inside and announced that she had $56.00 to donate to the ASPCA Shelter. In total she earned $213.00 by selling her earrings and she donated it to help the rescued animals that lived.

Our hometown Aransas Pass, Texas school fid not start until October 16 because of serious damage to our schools. She completed third grade while living in one room with her father and myself two dogs and a bird. She did not let anything stop her from earning the third-grade math award, making A-B Honor Roll all year and entertaining friends in a house that was being rebuilt.

This week she has made a number of other pairs of earrings. She shared them with close friends and the All Hands Volunteers who are rebuilding our home. All Hands has been in our life since the day after the storm when two young men showed up in our yard and asked who in the neighborhood hadn’t we seen and who might need medicine or medical care.

Those young men were from All Hands and Hearts First Response. Priscilla has made friends with so many of the volunteers. She is my hero. She has not let the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey affect her love for animals and people. She remains kind and respectful and often asks me to check on someone in our area that she cares about. I proudly submit Priscilla Nix as my Hometown Hero.